Cool Cash

Dr. Grieve and his cool smile team need your help in succeeding with your treatment. You've got to take care of your braces, don't break the stuff on your teeth, brush really well, and show up for your appointments on time. Every time you do your part to succeed, you earn Cool Cash!
Cool Cash just got even cooler!
You can now earn your Cool Cash on your Cool Cash Rewards card. Click here to check your account.
Does Dr. Grieve give away all this Cool Cash just because he's soooooo cool? Nope. He does it to make sure you get a great smile. So he bribes you. (You see, Dr. Grieve is not only too cool, he's too smart.) The truth is, he needs your help. You've got to take care of your braces, brush really well and show up for your appointments on time. Every time you help the team, you earn Cool Cash to be added to your rewards card. And there's other ways to win even more Cool Cash.

Here's how you can earn Cool Cash points

Practice Promotions

  • 50 Sharing your practice experience with a friend
  • 25 Sharing your practice experience with a family member
  • 25 Office contest winner
  • 50 Google Plus or Yelp review - print and bring to office
  • 20 Online practice Hub review
  • 20 LIKE our practice Facebook page
  • 10 Providing a written office testimonial
  • 10 Upload photo with you and a friend that doesn't have braces
  • 5 Participating in an office contest
  • 5 Check in on Facebook while at appointment


Treatment Success

  • 2 Being on time for appointment
  • 2 Less preferred appointment time
  • 2 Excellent oral hygiene
  • 2 Nothing loose or broken
  • 2 Wearing appliance as instructed
  • 5 New appliance placed
  • 2 Bringing Cool Cash Card to your appointment


Patient Achievements

  • 5 Having an appointment on your birthday
  • 5 Patient celebrity photo or article
  • 5 Community service
  • 5 Straight A's on report card
  • 1 Each A on your report card
  • 2 Celebrating personal achievements


Dental Compliance

  • 20 Dental cleaning/exam
  • 20 No cavities
  • 20 Requested dental treatment complete


If you lose a card and need it replaced you LOSE 10 points.


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